Some News

Oh happy day.

It’s been a while since I blogged – such a long while in fact that since I was last here, the good folk at wordpress have changed the format of the site so much that I’m floundering around trying to work out how to type a few words onto a page. Change. Not always a great thing. Ask Obama.

But without change we’d be like those scary statues on Doctor Who: forever trapped in stone, destined to shuffle and creep and scare the bejaysus out of innocents for eternity, and really have to question our life choices.

Anyway. Change is sometimes good. I’ve had a change of fortunes recently, which is why I’m blogging, in case anyone cares.

I won a competition run by a team of lovely folk at Triskele Books, and my NOVEL WILL BE OUT IN THE WORLD NEXT YEAR. YES I’M SHOUTING.

If I could find a way to link to Triskele’s site I would, but wordpress is now a horrible, horrible place and I can’t do it.

Triskele Books Big 5 competition winner

Oh I think I’ve done it now.

See ? I’m useless. Part of the prize is a tutorial in exactly this sort of stuff – blogging, media, linking, twittering, wittering, networking. All quite excruciating, but hey ho.

It’s wonderful, exciting news, and perfect for the winter months. I’m so grateful – to crime writer Sheila Bugler, the head judge (perhaps she judges heads too), and all the Triskele team.

Sheila Bugler

Triskele Books


About sophiewellstood

Writer of long and short stories, poems and songs. Some of my fiction is traditionally published and in bookshops. I've put some daft poems for younger people / lapsed adults here, as well as some proper swearing, which I enjoy doing a lot.
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