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Writer of long and short stories, poems and songs. Some of my fiction is traditionally published and in bookshops. I've put some daft poems for younger people / lapsed adults here, as well as some proper swearing, which I enjoy doing a lot.


And there was the body, lying at the foot of the cliffs on top of thick coils of oil-black seaweed. I smiled. I was walking to my uncles Arthúr and Níls’s summer house in Rauðasandur and I’d left the path to … Continue reading

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But Beautiful

  A group of people are gathered, shivering, outside a small town registry office. They stamp their feet and hug themselves; some try to smoke a last minute cigarette, cupping hands over lighters, the little metal wheels spinning tchh tchh … Continue reading

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The First Hard Rain

Somewhere over the Irish sea an almighty storm must have exploded, a tempest of such Biblical proportions that a flock of seagulls, a flock of chaotic, tumbling, terrified birds, hundreds upon hundreds of them, had been forced miles inland: herring … Continue reading

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Tiger Feet

    Tiger Feet I got to the club at about six thirty, more or less, dressed to kill. When I say club, I mean Ettington Youth Club, England, 1974. There are clubs I go to nowadays which you may … Continue reading

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She’s a shit writer. Oh no she’s not. Panto reviews

Reviews of The Best British Short Story 2017 are popping up over the web. It’s very interesting reading the opinions of strangers – and quite humbling too. People take the time and effort to take your work seriously and offer … Continue reading

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what’s new, cat lady?

You Say Potato August 2017: I don’t review books – at least not in any sort of formal way. I’ve never really felt qualified – although of course literally anyone can have an opinion on anything, and aren’t we all … Continue reading

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starting pistol

  Back in the olden days when the world was in black and white (a student of mine genuinely  believed this – I’m using it in a story) I was good at a couple of things: running very fast, often … Continue reading

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