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Hey there.  Here’s some exciting news: a story I wrote after going for a long, beautiful and very difficult walk in the Westfjords of Iceland has made it to the 2018 Costa Book Awards Short Story final. As far as stretching metaphors go, the story of how this story came into existence is long and difficult, too, and at some point I might write about the whys and hows of it all. Suffice to say, like most of my stuff, it’s underpinned by my never ending love of wilderness, with added grief and fury.

The Costas have some impressive writers in their alumni, and I’m stunned to be included in this shortlist. Scrimshaw is much darker than anything I’ve written (publicly) before, and I enjoyed inhabiting that harsh internal landscape very much.

We three shortlistees find out who wins in a couple of weeks at a proper showbiz bash.


Costa Short Story Award 2018 stories

Costa Short Story Award finalists

The Bookseller calls me a 1980s pop star

soph costa

Shiny Happy Person. Got to chat with Kate Humble too.


In other news:  The Best British Short Stories 2017  is now published, available everywhere, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of this anthology.  Thanks to Nicholas Royle and Salt Publishing for including my story. Could not be more amazed. 


Interview with Triskele Books

Here’s my home-made  Website and  Instagram

I tweet, sometimes. I’m @WellstoodSophie

And here’s a blog I did 10 years ago which someone recently unearthed from some cobwebby corner of the internet. I was practising teeny tiny stories and was obsessed with weather forecasts.   The Weather Forecast.

Here are links to some of my stuff. I write for children, adults, lapsed adults and those who neither know nor care.



The First Hard Rain

Tiger Feet

Dead Truck on Shaw Island


Please Hold


Shut Your Fucking Cakehole About Your Stupid Fucking Diet

The Secret Life of Teachers

Pond Life

This shitty, shitty thing

The Present

My Brother Wants a Barbie Doll

But Beautiful




10 Responses to who? moi?

  1. Marie Taylor says:

    You can write like no one’s out there – or write like every one’s listening. 🙂 thanks for liking my post. I enjoyed your also. Marie

  2. Thanks Marie – and keep up the great work 🙂

  3. sangeorgiu says:

    Sophie, thank you for following Sangeorgiu De Meses, it’s so remote here, my reality check is reading wonderful work as yors surely is. Kindest regards. Kate

  4. Thanks Kate. I’ve been reading some of your blog and really loving it – I am quarter-way through a novel about a woman leaving the rat race for a simple, sustainable life (it’s a tragi-comedy) and envy you out there. You’re an inspiration! S

  5. sangeorgiu says:

    Thank you, those few words have inspired me too. Great pleasure making your acquaintance Sophie. Sadly I must retreat to the garden for the afternoon, simple life is also demanding when it comes to weeds :-). KL

  6. pat desborough says:

    Sophie, am not usually into blogging, but enjoyed your reading. I will now buy the book as I Do want to hear whats next!
    p.s. still doing the Family Tree!

  7. Hi Pat
    I don’t really do blogging much either at the moment 🙂 I’m so pleased and surprised that you somehow found this, though. Amazing! I’m just about finishing the SLOW novel. Just about. It’s taken much longer than I thought. The next one will be swifter.
    Thank you so much for contacting. You can see that mad youtube video clip? that’s the most nervous I have ever been in my adult life. More than when I worked at No.10.
    much love
    S x

    • pat desborough says:

      Dear Sophie
      What a talented family the Wellstoods seem to be, my bit are definitely the runt of the litter! The story was interesting, but is it fact or fiction, email me it is more personal.
      Take care, Px

  8. Hi Pat – well, the story is a mixture of both. I’ll say it’s fiction, mostly – but bounced off a trampoline of true stuff. Couldn’t possibly say more! All the best, Sophx

  9. pat desborough says:

    High Sophie, yes I understand. Happy New Year. Px

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