who? moi?

Hey there.  Here’s my blog.

I’ve divided it up into four sections: rants and raves, stories, poems, and younger.   It’s  aimed at adults, but the link ‘younger’ is where I’ve put stuff for people who aren’t yet adults, or who may technically be adults but have lapsed, or can’t be bothered, or who neither know nor care.

Most of my work isn’t on here. My novels are tucked away on Scrivener, and most of my stories and poetry are in a Word folder labelled ‘hopelessly optimistic’. Consider this blog an amuse-bouche, a sniff and a swirl and a spit, a tester bottle on the shelf of sentences.

But if you’ve happened to stop by and have enjoyed anything –  yay.  Feel free to let me or other people know.

I tweet, sometimes. If you like that sort of thing, I’m @WellstoodSophie

And I Instagram, too. I  LOVE Instagram.   Instagram

And here’s my home-made  Website, fresh out of the oven, cooling on a rack by the window.

And here’s a blog I did 10 years ago which someone recently unearthed from some cobwebby corner of the internet. I was practising teeny tiny stories and was obsessed with weather forecasts.                The Weather Forecast.


January 2017: Triskele Books interview

So we shrug off the sad, bewildering and frightening year that for some (not me) was 2016 and turn our weary yet hopeful gaze to the open road ahead. What dreams of loveliness are foreshadowed? What promise doth the wind carry upon her soft spring breath? Perhaps this will be the year the council fix the potholes; perhaps people will learn to clean up after their dogs. Whatever.

But perhaps it’s the year my novel The Sky is a Blue Bowl becomes a Thing. I do hope so.

Here’s an interview I did with Triskele Books, the wonderful folk who started all this.

Huge lols.

Triskele interview Sophie Wellstood




November 2016: Manchester Fiction Prize 

Manchester Prize-Giving Ceremony

A while ago I entered one of my short stories, The First Hard Rain, into this international writing competition. Initially created by Carol Ann Duffy, the prize for the winners of each of the two categories – short stories and poetry – is £10,000. That’s an extraordinary amount of money. The prize attracts a huge number of entries and understandably the judging process is rigorous. However, for reasons best known to themselves, the judges have put my story on the shortlist of six, and I’m almost Done In. If I was conflicted about the nature and purpose of competitions, and the psychology of winning before, I am now in full spin-dry, full scrambled-egg, full mashed-potato mode. Unreal.

Results on the 25th Nov. So chuffed. So nervous. So – strange.

Manchester Fiction Prize

Manchester Fiction Prize finalists




October 2016 – doesn’t time fly?

A lovely, lovely thing has happened. Earlier this year I entered my novel into a competition run by the great folk at Triskele Books, an indie authors collective – and this week the announcement came that I’d won. This is just the best news.

The incredibly generous and exciting prize is a year’s worth of mentoring from the team at Triskele – full edits, publicity, media stuff etc – and then publication.

It’s wonderful, wonderful news. It means I can get this first novel out into the world and focus on finishing the current one – my Iceland one. The one with bones and wild beaches and a young woman who has visions. The one with a predatory half-brother, a celebrity restauranteur and anti-whaling activists. The one where a woman must choose between saving the son she hates, or the daughter she always wanted.

For now, watch this space. Or rather, don’t, because wordpress has changed its formatting and I hate it.

The Sky is a Blue Bowl – publication 2017.

Triskele Books winner Big 5 competition


April 2013

Update: I have a poem being published in an anthology, due in April 2013.

Heart Shoots Anthology

Update: June 18th 2013

More good news.  One of my short stories, Say Good Morning to the Stars, has just been accepted for inclusion in an anthology for Shelter. Edited by Debi Alper and Sally Swingewood, publication date to be confirmed.

Updated 30th July 2013

Bugger me, we have a book!  An enormous amount of work has gone into creating a superb anthology and I am hugely proud to be a part of such a great publication.

Stories for Homes is now available from Amazon. All profits go to Shelter.

Here’s a clip of me looking mad and reading at the Ivy House launch.

10 Responses to who? moi?

  1. Marie Taylor says:

    You can write like no one’s out there – or write like every one’s listening. 🙂 thanks for liking my post. I enjoyed your also. Marie

  2. Thanks Marie – and keep up the great work 🙂

  3. sangeorgiu says:

    Sophie, thank you for following Sangeorgiu De Meses, it’s so remote here, my reality check is reading wonderful work as yors surely is. Kindest regards. Kate

  4. Thanks Kate. I’ve been reading some of your blog and really loving it – I am quarter-way through a novel about a woman leaving the rat race for a simple, sustainable life (it’s a tragi-comedy) and envy you out there. You’re an inspiration! S

  5. sangeorgiu says:

    Thank you, those few words have inspired me too. Great pleasure making your acquaintance Sophie. Sadly I must retreat to the garden for the afternoon, simple life is also demanding when it comes to weeds :-). KL

  6. pat desborough says:

    Sophie, am not usually into blogging, but enjoyed your reading. I will now buy the book as I Do want to hear whats next!
    p.s. still doing the Family Tree!

  7. Hi Pat
    I don’t really do blogging much either at the moment 🙂 I’m so pleased and surprised that you somehow found this, though. Amazing! I’m just about finishing the SLOW novel. Just about. It’s taken much longer than I thought. The next one will be swifter.
    Thank you so much for contacting. You can see that mad youtube video clip? that’s the most nervous I have ever been in my adult life. More than when I worked at No.10.
    much love
    S x

    • pat desborough says:

      Dear Sophie
      What a talented family the Wellstoods seem to be, my bit are definitely the runt of the litter! The story was interesting, but is it fact or fiction, email me it is more personal.
      Take care, Px

  8. Hi Pat – well, the story is a mixture of both. I’ll say it’s fiction, mostly – but bounced off a trampoline of true stuff. Couldn’t possibly say more! All the best, Sophx

  9. pat desborough says:

    High Sophie, yes I understand. Happy New Year. Px

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