She’s a shit writer. Oh no she’s not. Panto reviews

Reviews of The Best British Short Story 2017 are popping up over the web. It’s very interesting reading the opinions of strangers – and quite humbling too. People take the time and effort to take your work seriously and offer their thoughts.  Of course writers want ‘good’ reviews, want praise, want applause. But that means nothing if there isn’t some sort of understanding of the work, some effort to connect with the story being told.

My story gets a mention in a couple of reviews: one is full of praise, the other not so. It’s fascinating. For the exact reason one reviewer liked it, another didn’t. I’m thrilled by both opinions.

Something Unspoken: Best British Short Stories 2017, ed. Nicholas Royle

This Collection Will Take Some Beating

Litrefs Reviews

And of course, if you feel the urge to offer your opinion on anything you read here, please go ahead… x

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Writer of long and short stories, poems and songs. Some of my fiction is traditionally published and in bookshops. I've put some daft poems for younger people / lapsed adults here, as well as some proper swearing, which I enjoy doing a lot.
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